TRS Wellness Staff Group Photo

TRS|Wellness is an Arkansas-based corporate wellness company that partners with employers to improve their team's health and wellness.

Our Wellness Solutions offer another level of expertise and accountability for employees' wellness journey. We are a resource; we are your team's cheerleader; we are your company's P.E. coach. We are not your corporate physician, and most of the time, we're not even your personal trainer. We provide the bridge when your crew hits a road block; we put things in perspective when your wellness plans fall off the course, and we show your company ways to make being safe and healthy fun.

Corporate Wellness is a journey, and we're the tour guide.

What makes us different?

  • Function is part of our foundation - Our programs have been developed by team led by a Physical Therapist. Basically, we've got a real knack for ergonomics and body mechanics.
  • We find great value in our multi-disciplinary team, and we build off of each other's strengths.
  • We specifically design each client's program specifically for their culture and goals.
  • We're not perfectionists, and we don't expect our clients to be.