Feb 19 2019

Minimizing the Impact of the Flu on Your Business

Here we are, in the height of flu season and most of the US is considered in a “Widespread Activity” rating. Not only does time away from work cost the employees, but the lost productivity can have a huge impact on employers as well, not to mention the spike in workers comp and healthcare claims.

What can an employer do to reduce the likelihood of the flu sweeping through their workplace?

Here is a list of recommendations:

1. Begin by encouraging flu shots at the workplace in the fall of each year. You can bring a flu shot clinic to your workplace (and we can help with that) or you can provide reminders to your staff to encourage flu shots.

2. Encourage handwashing and hand sanitizer through workplace. This can be done by providing visual reminders to wash hands throughout your workplace. Similar to signs to remind you to use the stairs, these “point of decision” reminders really do work.

3. Encourage “Respiratory Etiquette”. This is a really nice way of saying “remind your employees to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing”. Cough or sneeze into an elbow instead of your hand to minimize the number of germs spread. Employers can also provide more available tissues and waste receptacles during flu season.

4. Be Proactive- staying in good health throughout the year by getting regular exercise, eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and being hydrated will minimize your risk of getting contracting the flu or other viruses throughout the year.

5. Get plenty of rest. Poor sleep has a strong, negative effect on the immune system.

If you are a virus victim, here are some great resources from the CDC. But, it is very important to stay at home, get plenty of rest, and stay hydrated if you are sick.

Caring for Someone with the Flu

Stay safe and healthy out there!
Jackie Bracey

Chief Operating Officer