May 13 2019

Marijuana and the Workplace- Are You Ready?

Medical marijuana is now legally for sale in the state of Arkansas.  It is estimated that approximately 40,000 Arkansas residents will obtain medical marijuana cards by year end.  Is your organization prepared for this new era in the workplace?

One of the key issues is “Safety Sensitive” designation for job tasks.  

How do you determine if your positions are “Safety Sensitive”?

It is important to have a non-biased consultant who assesses the environment, type of equipment the employee is working with, as well as the impact of their work on others.

TRS Wellness is an ideal consultant to provide comprehensive Functional Job Analysis, also known as “Physical Demands Analysis”. Members of our team have the designation of Certified Essential Functions Evaluator which provides a professional knowledge and ability to identify a job’s essential functions; the evaluator then evaluates and documents the performance of a candidate's ability to meet those functions.

Utilizing knowledge as a Certified Essential Functions Evaluator along with our validated methodology, TRS team members are able to identify specific situations/conditions that deem a position as “Safety Sensitive” making us a great partner to meet your needs.

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Jackie Bracey

Chief Operating Officer