Yoga in the Workplace Yoga in the Workplace
Jun 19 2019

Yoga in the Workplace

“Let’s All Just be Flexible”

We all are aware the toll a long day of work can take on our bodies, mind and emotional state. The feeling of being completely drained as you drag yourself home and put on your parent/spouse/family member/caretaker hat is all too familiar. The moment our jobs start to affect our personal lives, our work productivity and satisfaction starts to take a hit. As an employer this can mean low quality of work, more time off and possibly a negative work environment. How can we fix this or avoid it all together? Yoga in the workplace!

By implementing a yoga class in the workplace, employees can practice self-care without having to leave the building, which in some places is almost impossible during the workday. The benefits of Yoga stretch far beyond the studio and can make a positive impact on the facility in many ways.

  1. Increase Resiliency: One of the biggest struggles in any workplace setting is bouncing back from the day to day struggles. In a study done on nurses who practiced yoga in their workplace, those who completed the onsite class were more capable of returning to their clear mindset after a set back than those in the control group who did not participate in yoga.
  2. Reduce Back Pain: Whether you or your employees are active and on your feet or have a more sedentary environment, back pain is a common complaint and one of the leading causes of injury-induced absenteeism.  Another study looked at the way Yoga impacted reported back pain in the workplace. By the end of the study, the group who had practiced yoga reported half as much back pain whereas the control group had more back pain reported at the end of the study than at the beginning.
  3. Hit the Reset Button: We all know that feeling of the afternoon sleepies. You’ve been at work for a few hours, had your lunch and now your productivity level is plummeting. Afternoon yoga classes could be your answer! One research study done on a variety of working individuals reported that work performance was better on exercise days than on non-exercise days (3). These individuals had more energy and were able to get more done during the day when they exercised either before work or during their lunch break (3).

Implementing yoga in the workplace can help to conquer some of the daily struggles all employees struggle with from time to time. As an employer, establishing workplace yoga can prove to your work force that your care and concern for their well-being extends past their job duties. Healing the body and mind at the office will make for better employees and happier humans!

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Charli Thomas

MS, CPT, YogaFit Level 1 Instructor