Jan 20 2020

2020- Employee Wellness Program

Happy 2020! We’re already three weeks into the new year and its possible that a few of the healthy new habits resulting from ambitious New Year’s Resolutions are already flaking away.

One of the ways we’re encouraging many of our employer groups to maintain their motivation throughout the first two months of the year are through our H3 program.  

A brief summary of the program is outlined below.                                              

H3 is an all-around 6-Week Wellness Challenge that will hit on 3 different areas of wellness to get your mind right going in to 2020!

H: The first H is for HAPPY! This is what will consist of mental wellness challenges that will encourage gratitude, memory building and stress relieving exercises.

H: The second H is for H.I.I.T.! This stands for high intensity interval training, which is the most common type of workout format for weight loss. It’s personalized and really encourages increase in heart rate for a period of time with intervals of decreases to get your heart healthy!
Abbey Foreman

Wellness Coordinator