May 12 2020

Spring Cleaning Your Life

It’s no secret that businesses all around the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Thankfully, there are many tiny tips to not only help your business stay, but to also keep you and your loved ones healthy.. 

Soak up some time with coworkers and check on them. Mental wellness is first and foremost during these times of social distancing and increase in worry. It’s okay to not be okay and there’s always someone open to listen to what may be bothering you, and willing to help! Be in check with yourself and others, and take time to have those self-care moments. Completing puzzles and finishing a coloring page can also be a great stress reliever and nice break during the day. Another great idea is to continue those coffee breaks with coworkers via Zoom or Facetime! Continue to see a smiling face!

Dust off your at home fitness equipment or recipe boxes and focus on your physical health! Moderate exercise can boost immune health, and keep you coming to work and feeling your best. 15 minute workouts can be super effective and fun, and we have several that we can share with you. Most do not require any equipment! Cooking can also be something you can control during this time, and a great way to do something with your family! For cheap and easy recipes reach out to us and we’ll help you find something you like.

Organize and realign the way you are moving or the way you have your home office set up. Simple movements such as bending over, picking up or turning incorrectly can cause injuries that are very preventable. The ergonomic set up of your laptop can also be the difference between a crick in your neck or pain free working. If you feel like you need help in realigning your home office set up, or feel like you have little aches/pains let us know so we can set you up for success now and long term at work!

Sweep away unnecessary and negative media exposure. Staying informed is needed and encouraged, but make sure it is with a well-recognized and reputable source. Try to keep gossip and false information out of the workplace, and bring in positive topics to talk about to brighten your day. Follow TRS Wellness on Facebook for encouraging and motivational posts! If there are constant negative people you follow on social media or in the news that are increasing your fear, sweep those people out! Stay informed, but do not stay in fear!
Abbey Foreman

Wellness Coordinator