Apr 25 2014

Wellness Incentives Tied to Improved Worker Health

An article recently published on BusinessInsurance.com, "Wellness Incentives Tied to Improved Worker Health Gaining Popularity," shows a growing trend in outcomes-based financial incentives for employees, with 13% of mid-sized companies offering outcomes-based financial incentives in 2012, and another 50% considering adding outcomes-based incentives to their wellness programs.

Outcomes-based incentives mean that an individual must achieve a specific health-related outcome in order to earn their financial incentive; an example of this would be lowering their LDL cholesterol or moving their BMI into a healthy range.

The Affordable Care Act has outlined very specific limitations on outcome-based incentives, so it is a good idea to consult with a corporate wellness professional before developing a corporate wellness incentive structure. Oh yeah- we’re happy to help you with that!

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Jimmie Burnette

Jimmie is a registered nurse.