Jul 21 2015

5 Reasons you Need Workplace Wellness

5 reasons. Ok, we could have listed more.

 Maybe a better title would have been “5 of the Reasons You, As An Employer, Can’t Afford to Settle for an Inadequate Wellness Program Anymore.” But our website designer tries to steer us away from titles that long. So here are 5 reasons that employers need to stop thinking of workplace wellness as a perk, but as a part of your company’s long-term mission and plan.

1.       Stop loss. Unhealthy habits are distracting. Distraction = loss.

-Loss of productivity: extra breaks for smoking, time off for more doctors’ appointments

-Loss of workers: to injuries, disability, absenteeism

-Loss of profit: more OSHA recordable injuries, more worker’s compensation claims

2.       Healthcare costs are rising. No ifs, ands or buts about it. You can’t control it, but you can take measures to minimize its impact on your corporation. Preventing chronic illness (obesity, diabetes) and on-the-job injuries through health screens, wellness coaching, and pre-employment testing are some of the most effective ways of saving money.

3.       Job satisfaction. Participants in wellness programs feel more comradery with colleagues, and feel that management is invested in them as a person. It’s no secret that retaining good employees is better than training new ones. Particularly with the millennial generation, long-term employment is becoming increasingly rare. What does it say about a company whose employees want to stay?

4.       Better home life. If employees are healthier, they will spread their increased energy and vigor for life to their family. For us, this is the “R” or “Revive” part of our model. Of course, if your health plan covers dependents, this also comes back to #2.

5.       The competition. More and more companies are taking measures to not only save healthcare costs, but to invest in the wellbeing of their most important asset: their employees. One of the biggest draws for job seekers is the perks and culture of a company. Are you losing talent to competitors who offer resources for physical, financial, and emotional well-being?

Isn’t it time to start playing offense instead of defense? Don’t let healthcare costs and voluntary attrition rates continue to undermine your mission and profits. It’s time to start making the health and wellness of your company a priority.

Jackie Bracey

Chief Operating Officer


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Posted by TRS Wellness on Tuesday, July 21, 2015