Nov 07 2015

7 Ways to Flu-Proof Your Workplace

Here are 7 Proven Ways to Make Your Workplace Healthier This Season

1.       Add handwashing reminders. Similar to signs to remind you to use the stairs, these “point of decision” reminders really do work.

2.       Add tissues and hand sanitizer to prominent and high traffic areas.

3.       Have a flu shot clinic at your workplace or otherwise encourage annual flu shots.

4.       Stress the importance of adequate hydration. For example, if your breakroom runs through a lot of coffee, provide alternatives such as herbal tea. (Coffee can have a mild dehydrating effect)

5.       Encourage regular exercise. Regular, moderate activity is a boost for the immune system. However, intense exercises, such as high intensity interval training, can have the effect of a temporary decrease in immune function, so be sure to allow for recovery between workouts.  

6.       Promote healthy sleep habits through education. Poor sleep has a strong, negative effect on the immune system.

7.       If you’re sick…STAY HOME!
Katie Buehrle

Certified Athletic Trainer