Nov 16 2015

Ergo Breaks: The Key to Success

To go along with our post on sitting all day, let’s take a moment to talk about some more ways to incorporate more of what we call “Ergo Breaks.”

But first, why bother?

Sedentary work is related to most of our common diseases, including: 

Ergo Breaks (short breaks for movement or stretches) can help avoid the "sitting disease" and help with: 

Try These Tips:

·         Set a timer for every hour (at least) to stand up and stretch or walk around for 3 minutes

·         Use a smaller water bottle so you have to go fill it up more often

·         Instead of emailing/calling someone in your building, go to them in person when you can

·         Hold walking meetings or plan to walk during lunch in a nearby park or trail

·         Use a printer/fax etc. that’s farther away from your desk

·         Use the restroom that’s farther away or on another floor

·         Stand in the back of meetings when possible

·         Walk while talking on the phone

·         Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Even if you climb the first couple of flights before hopping on the elevator the rest of the trip, you will still rack up the benefits.

·         Incorporate shorts stretch/stand breaks during presentations to wake up and re-focus   your audience.

·         Start an office challenge. For example: everyone does 5 pushups on the hour, every hour. Or wear pedometers or other wearable activity tracking device and whoever takes the most steps at the end of the week gets their lunch paid for on Friday.

·         Set cues to remind yourself to do something, like every time you walk through your office door you stop to do a door-way stretch or five air squats.

·         If you’re they type that’s chained to the phone, a headset helps eliminate neck pain from trying to hold it, and allows you to take calls on the move. Get in the habit of standing when you answer and you’ll add lots of movement to your day.

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Katie Buehrle

Certified Athletic Trainer