May 15 2018

Occupational Therapy for Everyone

  • Written by  Wellness Admin

The world of occupational therapy provides a vast, eclectic practice arena where an individual can easily find their niche in a very specific field.  Often these niches spawn from personal endeavors, beliefs, or life events which often have had a direct and profound effect on the practitioner.  Occupational therapists are constantly developing new practice methods, refining expertise, and seeking new arenas for which we can better serve our patients. 

A recent research project sought to determine the efficacy of structured OT intervention and the potential benefit in improving both clinical and psychosocial outcomes among individuals with diabetes.  The positive results of this publication, which appeared in Diabetes Care, is the first occupational therapy clinical trial to appear in any diabetes-focused literature or journal. 

This project’s primary consideration was to answer the question whether manualized occupational therapy (OT) intervention utilizing the REAL Diabetes Program (Resilient, Empowered, Active Living with Diabetes) improved glycemic control and psychosocial well-being.   For more information regarding this research program visit

Factors and outcomes affected included diabetes self-care, diabetes-related quality of life (QOL), diabetes distress, depressive symptoms, and life satisfaction. If you are looking for education, guidance, or accountability in your employees' journey with diabetes, contact us at TRS Wellness.  As always, we are here to help you succeed.

Here are 4 steps, offered by NIH to get you started. Feel free to click on any item which may interest you.

  1. Learn About Diabetes
  2. Know Your Diabetic ABC
  3. Learn How To Live With Diabetes
  4. Get Routine Care To Stay Healthy