Janice with her wellness coaches, Jasmin and Amber Janice with her wellness coaches, Jasmin and Amber
Jun 11 2018

Smiling at Success

"It's better to get involved when you're not sick than to wait until you're sick."

Janice Estes is a home care assistant for home care agency in North Arkansas. She’s been part of their team for 5 years. Janice has battled her weight and multiple health conditions throughout adulthood. Motivated to make a change, Janice joined the TRS Wellness program that her employer provides to their employees in May of 2017. Her goal in joining the program was to gain encouragement and increase her awareness and skills for weight management.

Janice is an active participant in the program. She recently completed her semi-annual biometric screenings and she meets regularly with Jasmin, her Wellness Coach. Since October of 2017, she has lost about 20 pounds by being more active and focusing on eating more fruit and veggies.

In addition to her success, Janice has set a positive example for her friends and family members, inspiring them to make healthy changes as well.

"I am 72 years old and it has taken me this many years to get to the point where my whole life isn't about food anymore. I get out and I’m active and do lots of things. I would have never started this had it not been for the wellness program at WRAAA….I would never have done it!"
Jackie Bracey

Chief Operating Officer