Sep 22 2015

501 LIFE

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We have to take a minute to brag on our awesome team, and on our friends at 501 LIFE Magazine. 
Thank you to 501 LIFE for a great article  on The Serious Business of Corporate Wellness by Sonja J. Keith and a very cool  cover! Make sure you check it out here.

Learn more about our our team here, and about some of the services we offer here and here

Aug 03 2015
One of the questions that our clients ask us is:

What is the difference in having TRS|Wellness on-site and an on-line wellness vendor?

Your health and wellness is a very personal matter. Nobody (hopefully) cares more about your health than you.
Jun 30 2015
The Surgeon General's office is responsible for providing the public with the most currect health information, and has released priorities that American's most urgently need to address. These priorities include tobacco- and drug-free living, mental and emotional well-being, healthy eating, and active living. 

These are the same priorities we have when developing wellness programs for our clients. Make sure you're addressing all of these, both in your personal life, and for your employees. 
May 28 2015
Once of the most valuable things an employer can do to protect themselves from unnecessary workers' compensation claims is to have an accurate, up-to-date  functional job analysis for each position within their organization.  
Apr 30 2015
The term “wellness program” can mean something a little different to everyone. It can very often mean something completely different to management than it does to the employee participants.

So let’s clear up some of the confusion. The definition of a wellness program from is this:
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