Feb 20 2024

We’re looking back on 2023 and the impact of our services on employers’ operations. One observation is the increase in the employers’ return on investment (ROI) of our services as the duration of our services increases.

The ROI for safety, ergonomics, and physical demands analysis programs tends to increase over time for several reasons:

Oct 06 2023

I don’t normally write the blog posts because I spend my days in the office, behind a desk and my expertise is not something we bill for.  But, I am a small business owner and I make many of the financial decision for our business.  I understand weighing the costs vs. the benefit.  Throughout the years, I have heard from so many employers that they have a hard time justifying the initial investment of validated Physical Demands Analysis for their organization.  So, normally we get called after a terrible accident or when OSHA comes to visit…again.  However, we really do our best work when things can be addressed proactively.   

So, here’s my overview of cost justification for Physical Demands Analysis. 

May 12 2020

It’s no secret that businesses all around the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Thankfully, there are many tiny tips to not only help your business stay, but to also keep you and your loved ones healthy..