Mar 03 2016
Getting healthy is hard, especially if you feel like you have a long journey to get there. But being unhealthy is just as hard.  If you’re constantly fatigued or stressed, it affects every single aspect of your life: your work, your relationships, your sleep, your happiness. It leads to feeling like you are an observer in your own life, instead of feeling like it is your own. Yet we still don’t always prioritize our health. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?
Nov 16 2015
To go along with our post on sitting all day, let’s take a moment to talk about some more ways to incorporate more of what we call “Ergo Breaks.”
Sep 22 2015

501 LIFE

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We have to take a minute to brag on our awesome team, and on our friends at 501 LIFE Magazine. 
Thank you to 501 LIFE for a great article  on The Serious Business of Corporate Wellness by Sonja J. Keith and a very cool  cover! Make sure you check it out here.

Learn more about our our team here, and about some of the services we offer here and here

Jun 12 2015

The American Heart Association has released recommendations on workplace wellness programs. The major finding of their advisory panel is that although many employers offer wellness programs, the majority of them are not effective or comprehensive. The AHA states:

“A comprehensive workplace wellness program includes: health education; exercise areas; a supportive environment; integration into other organizational initiatives; employee health and safety programs; and wellness screenings.”
May 18 2015
We’ve spoken before of the improved productivity of healthy workers (as compared to their less healthy peers). But unlike the direct cost savings of preventing injuries and decreasing worker’s compensation claims, this topic can be a little more difficult to measure.
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