Apr 11 2018

My husband James and I started running a few years ago with an app called C25K.  It seems like every time we decided to start this challenge; it was beginning to be summer in Arkansas.  You know you can’t beat the heat in Arkansas, but we tried many times.  We would try running at night after the sun had set (less heat) and early in the morning before the sun rose (less heat).  No matter when we ran, this was not an easy challenge.  Starting an 8-week running program several times over the course of a couple of years was not working.

Mar 01 2018

Hit the Trail

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We’ve all been there: Stuck in the February rut waiting for Daylight Saving Time and warmer weather. But we’ve made it to March, and now is the time to make your springtime outdoor bucket list! One of the many outdoor assets we have in Arkansas are the maintained outdoor parks and trails. Whether it’s the paved, gentle River Trail in Little Rock or the more rugged Sylamore Creek Trail near Blanchard Springs Caverns, Arkansas is teaming with opportunities for outdoor activity and exercise.