Feb 27 2018
Careless mistakes. We all make them from time to time, some at home, on the road, or in some cases while on the job. These mistakes can also vary in severity, some minor while others can be exceedingly costly. Quite often we have found that the careless mistake is a task the worker has been properly trained to do, and has demonstrated countless hours of flawless execution- yet the mistake happens. How?!
Jul 10 2015

I just read a great article by Billy Sims at HR Professionals Magazine on how to choose a vendor for your wellness program and health plan. You can read the full article here.

Jun 29 2015
One of our favorite phrases around here is “A healthy worker is a safe worker.” This is part one in a series to explain the many facets of what that means to us.
Jun 25 2015
Benefitspro recently published an article on why employees aren't using their wellness programs-read it over on their website

A lot of the reasons employees cited are ones that TRS|Wellness has helped our clients overcome, and one of the biggest reasons employees are wary of participating is concerns over their privacy. As our programs are developed by healthcare professionals, we are experts at ensuring that our clients' private health information is respected and secure. The companies that we have worked with have found that having us manage health screens, incentives, and behavior based coaching has not only provided superior results, but that our professional team has eased these types of fears. 

Employers trust us to provide the best return on investment and employees trust us to help them to effect lasting meaningful changes in their health. What can we do for you?