TRS Staff Member

TRS Staff Member

Last month we held an educational session, titled "Planning a Healthy Diet with Diabetes"  with one of our clients in Northeast Arkansas and Amber, one of our Wellness Coaches. 

With October being Breast Cancer awareness month I find it a good opportunity to talk about soy-based food products.
This is an excerpt from a prevous Wellness Newsletter written by Jenna, our Registered Dietitian.

Newsletters are a great way to increase communication with wellness program participants, which you can read a little more on the importance of over at PR Newswire. But newsletters are best used as an adjunct to in-person interaction, not in place of. If you’re looking for a wellness vendor with more than an online portal, let us give you some information. Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Common Diet Misconceptions

Spring Break is upon us.  How many of you are guilty of aimlessly dieting the few months leading up to swimsuit season?  Or how many of you are guilty of looking up “quick fixes” online for weight loss?  Hundreds of results will appear on the internet now-a-days:  ranging from “don’t eat carbs,” to “cut out dairy,” to “eat more protein to build muscle,” or “take xyz weight loss pill.”  The problem with these so called “quick fixes” is that they are not only unrealistic, but they are also unhealthy in the long term. 

Ask the Dietitian!

It’s March! You know what that means… St. Patrick’s Day? The start of Lent? The highly anticipated arrival of Spring? Well, yes…but, it’s also National Nutrition Month! Yes, there is a whole month to simply celebrate nutrition. And, for good reason. Fueling your body with the essential nutrients will provide vitality and energy, help you stay at a healthy weight, prevent chronic diseases and conditions, enhance cognitive well being, and help you achieve your full potential.
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