Apr 29 2020
DIY which means Do It Yourself…sounds fun, right? While you are adhering to social distancing guidelines and staying home more, it’s a lot harder to ignore all of the DIY projects that you wanted (needed ?) to complete and never had the time. Or maybe as you flip on HGTV or start scrolling through Pinterest, you get creative and want to make some changes around the house. So, what do you do? If you are like me you go to YouTube!
Apr 21 2020

2020 has everyone in circumstances that we have never seen before. Quarantine can play mind tricks on us like convincing us to try new things such as cutting our own hair, trying to become the next Chip and Joanna Gaines with our DIY home projects, or even wanting to get back in shape again. 

Working out from home can have its benefits, especially now that there are no gyms open; but, there are definitely a few things to look out for when working out at home.  As an Athletic Trainer who works with "industrial athletes" I help employees stay safe at work everyday.  I've taken my knowledge from the many athletes I've worked with through the years and made a list of safety tips for you, below:

Mar 13 2020
We understand that COVID-19 can be a very frightening situation, and we want to be a resource for our clients in their time of need. Please note that this is not a time to panic, but to exercise caution and preparedness.

If your business needs assistance in managing your employees' health during this time, TRS Wellness is here to help.
Jan 20 2020

Happy 2020! We’re already three weeks into the new year and its possible that a few of the healthy new habits resulting from ambitious New Year’s Resolutions are already flaking away.

One of the ways we’re encouraging many of our employer groups to maintain their motivation throughout the first two months of the year are through our H3 program.  

Dec 17 2019

While the holidays are a time for cheery music, pretty lights and family time, it can also bring out a lot of stress. From family get-togethers, presents and every conversation in between, it may leave you wanting to pull your hair out! There are 4 areas of wellness that stress could hit this holiday season, and we want to prep you to have the best mindset leading into the New Year!