Apr 30 2014
Food and the act of eating can encompass many aspects and areas of an individual’s life. On the surface, food consumption seems to be a simple topic. You eat to stay alive. While this is true, we know that there are many underlying emotions, motives, and dietary guidelines that can accompany a diet.
Apr 25 2014
An article recently published on BusinessInsurance.com, "Wellness Incentives Tied to Improved Worker Health Gaining Popularity," shows a growing trend in outcomes-based financial incentives for employees, with 13% of mid-sized companies offering outcomes-based financial incentives in 2012, and another 50% considering adding outcomes-based incentives to their wellness programs.
Apr 23 2014
The term “Corporate Wellness” has gotten a bad rep because of ineffective, poorly executed weight loss challenges and cheesy incentives. But the truth is, investing in the health and wellness of employees has endless possibilities for returns. An exceptional program also has the potential to “strengthen an organization’s culture and to build employee pride, trust, and commitment.”