May 01 2019

One of the most valuable things an employer can do to protect themselves from unnecessary workers comp injuries is have an accurate, validated Functional Job Analysis for each position within their organization.  

Mar 12 2019

Did you know that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and Early Detection is Key!  

As I was getting ready for work this morning, and watching my morning dose of KTHV 11, Dr. Bobby Kikati from Gastro Arkansas provided a morning segment about Stopping the Cancer Before it Starts.  It was so informative for me that I thought I would share a little of the information with you:

Feb 19 2019
Here we are, in the height of flu season and most of the US is considered in a “Widespread Activity” rating. Not only does time away from work cost the employees, but the lost productivity can have a huge impact on employers as well, not to mention the spike in workers comp and healthcare claims.

What can an employer do to reduce the likelihood of the flu sweeping through their workplace?
Dec 28 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, many of us will be setting New Year’s Resolutions. Setting lofty but achievable goals for the New Year can be tricky. You want to aim high enough, so you are able to really make a difference in your lifestyle and/or health, but you don’t want to aim too high and completely drop your resolutions by the second week of the New Year.

Whether this New Year has you feeling inspired or a little overwhelmed TRS Wellness has some New Year’s Resolutions you can make—and hopefully keep—in the New Year!

Aug 20 2018

heart attack, or myocardial infarction (MI), occurs when a coronary artery is blocked inhibiting or blocking the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart, resulting in permanent and sometimes fatal damage to the heart muscle. [1] An estimated 790,000 individuals experienced a heart attack last year across the US. [2]

Of course, in Arkansas, our home state, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death with death rates higher than all but 2 other states. [3]