Dec 17 2019

While the holidays are a time for cheery music, pretty lights and family time, it can also bring out a lot of stress. From family get-togethers, presents and every conversation in between, it may leave you wanting to pull your hair out! There are 4 areas of wellness that stress could hit this holiday season, and we want to prep you to have the best mindset leading into the New Year!

Nov 27 2019

We all know that ladders are a big part of our holiday traditions we use them for all things such as:

12 Lights of Changing

11 Hunters Hunting 

10 Point Bucks

9 Ornaments Hanging

8 Shingles Replacing 

7 Rungs a Leaping

6 Cats a Climbing

5 Garland Wreaths

4 Clean Gutters

3 Tree Trimmers

2 Chimney Sweepers

1 Star on top the Christmas tree

Nov 07 2019
It is no secret that people tend to gain weight over the fall and winter months. The holidays, the cooler temperatures, less time outdoors, and winter fashion can have a lasting impact on our bodies.
Aug 13 2019
Today was one of the hottest days of the year- now it’s time take necessary precautions on heat exhaustion if you haven't already.

Heat exhaustion is a serious illness resulting from exposure to hot, humid conditions, and it’s often accompanied by dehydration. Without swift intervention, heat exhaustion can progress into heat stroke, which can have serious implications on vital organs and even result in death.
Jun 19 2019

“Let’s All Just be Flexible”

We all are aware the toll a long day of work can take on our bodies, mind and emotional state. The feeling of being completely drained as you drag yourself home and put on your parent/spouse/family member/caretaker hat is all too familiar. The moment our jobs start to affect our personal lives, our work productivity and satisfaction starts to take a hit. As an employer this can mean low quality of work, more time off and possibly a negative work environment. How can we fix this or avoid it all together? Yoga in the workplace!