Sep 28 2017
As the article from Employee Benefit News states, the following are the most costly health conditions for employers:

10. High Risk Pregnancy
9. Smoking
8. Cholesterol
7. Depression/Mental Illness
6. Hypertension/Blood Pressure
5. Heart Disease
4. Musculoskeletal
3. Obesity
2. Cancer
1. Diabetes
Sep 14 2017
Considering that all athletic practice periods as well as any competitive events begin and often end with some form of stretching, it seems relevant that our workplace athletes should likewise be employing a similar approach when preparing for a potentially labor intensive day ahead.  While our sport athletes (who often are in peak physical condition) participate in active- movement based warm ups, why would we expect our industrial athletes (many who may no longer be in peak physical condition) to immediately jump directly into a potentially high impact or heavy demand workload with no opportunity for the body to "warm up" in preparation for the tasks at hand.
Jul 31 2017
As an athletic trainer, I get asked about what I do all the time.  In the same breath, I also get told what I do as an athletic trainer.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

So, “You’re an athletic trainer? …. that’s why you work out all the time.”

“You’re an athletic trainer? …. so, you’re responsible for giving football players water.”
Jun 15 2017
Happy first day of Summer!!! Now it’s time take necessary precautions on heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion is a serious illness resulting from exposure to hot, humid conditions, and it’s often accompanied by dehydration. Without swift intervention, heat exhaustion can progress into heat stroke, which can have serious implications on vital organs and even result in death.
Jun 12 2017
The importance of a challenge:

"Hey Dad, I have an idea for us...something I want to do before I go off to college." At this point, I didn't quite know what to expect from my son. We both enjoy being outdoors (backpacking/hiking/floating the river). I was hoping for one of those activities. My mind was instantly transported to the Buffalo River but somehow I knew that something else might be in store for me.