Oct 21 2015
With October being Breast Cancer awareness month I find it a good opportunity to talk about soy-based food products.
Oct 15 2015
The health dangers of sitting all day have been all the buzz lately. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here area few of the studies and articles). But is propping up your laptop on a footstool (what I’ve done) or paying for a standing workstation going to solve all of your problems and make you into an indestructible super human?

Oct 06 2015
Tracking an employee’s engagement with a wellness program is typically broken into two main categories: participatory requirements and outcomes-based requirements. Often, to include everyone, you need to have aspects of both. So let’s break them down a little.
Sep 26 2015
One of the questions that often comes up early in the process of implementing a wellness program is whether or not to contract with an outside vendor. But it is difficult to be able to foresee the obstacles of choosing to run everything “in-house” because the wellness team is typically led by health enthusiasts but not by healthcare providers or wellness experts. This alone is one of the biggest reasons wellness programs fail.
Sep 22 2015
We have to take a minute to brag on our awesome team, and on our friends at 501 LIFE Magazine. 
Thank you to 501 LIFE for a great article  on The Serious Business of Corporate Wellness by Sonja J. Keith and a very cool  cover! Make sure you check it out here.

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