Feb 12 2015
Chances are high that you're sitting at your desk while you are reading this.  Are you sitting up straight or slouching?  Honestly :)

Take a moment and move your bottom to the back of your chair, tighten your abs, and move your shoulders back, adjust your head...now, that's better, isn't it?  
Feb 03 2015
Looking for some ideas on healthy and affordable lunches to take to work?  Check out this article:

Jan 29 2015
The CDC estimates that 29.1 million people (9.3% of the U.S. population) have diabetes. We’ve been hearing for years about the obesity epidemic in our country, and with that comes a host of other related health problems such as this. But of those people who have diabetes, 27.8% of them are undiagnosed.  What does this mean for employers, and what can be done to address this expensive issue?
Jan 07 2015
With the new year and open enrollment time for many employers, one of the most common concerns is, "What can we do to help control our healthcare expenses?"  Do corporate wellness programs really work to save money, or are they just a nice benefit for employees?
Dec 04 2014
Baking is a favorite pastime this time of year.  Let’s take a look at a few ways you could save a considerable amount of calories just by replacing one ingredient with another.