TRS|Wellness offers a vast array of services to fit the needs of any company looking to improve their team’s health and wellbeing while increasing productivity and decreasing healthcare and workers compensation expenses. Our evidenced-based proactive and reactive measures can be scaled back or turned up to best fit the organization’s culture and wellness goals.

Our Services



Comprehensive Corporate Health Analysis

Aggregate Reporting to Management

  • We can stratify your organization’s health data to identify specific areas of risk to ensure the greatest impact of your wellness investment.

Proactive & Reactive Recommendations to Overcome Identified Health Risks and Exposure

  • Based upon your claims data, we can target specific areas to execute wellness interventions.

Health Claims Review and Strategy Generation

  • Following a thorough analysis of self-insured claims data, biometric test results, health risk assessment data and workers compensation claims, we will identify specific areas that have the greatest savings potential.
Culture of Wellbeing

Culture of Wellbeing

Educational Programs

  • Interactive Presentations to educate participants on a variety of healthy behaviors.

Wellness Coaching

  • Increased accountability to bring out the best in your team. Specific emphasis includes:
    • Fitness
    • Stress
    • Tobacco
    • Nutritional
    • Diabetes

Wellness Challenges

  • Motivational challenges to increase overall wellness culture or specific health goals.

Teambuilding and Engagement Activities

  • Fun and engaging activities to build sense of team, improve communication and enhance co-worker trust and respect.
Employee Productivity and Injury Prevention

Employee Productivity and Injury Prevention

On-Site Services

  • Our staff can have a daily, weekly or even monthly presence in your facility to cost-effectively assess and address minor issues before they impact an employee's ability to safely carry out their job requirements.

Functional Job Analysis

  • Provides legally-defensible data on specific physical qualifications that are required of an employee for them to safely carry out the essential functions of the job. We only use specially certified professionals in our analysis. Functional Job Analysis is the foundation that allows effective development of Return to Work, Functional Post-Offer Testing, and Fit for Duty Testing.

Fit for Duty Testing

  • Similar to Functional Post-Offer Testing, Fit for Duty Testing is the same as the Post-Offer Testing, but it is completed on employees who have been away from work for a period of time due to illness, injury or other personal and operation related reasons. The Fit for Duty Test ensures that the condition of the employee still safely meets the needs of their assigned job and the employer and is able to perform at the expected level of productivity.

Pre-Placement/ Functional Post-Offer Testing

  • Specific testing that is based specifically upon Functional Job Analysis that is performed following a job offer to ensure the employee is capable of all requirements so they can safely carry out all functions of the position, reducing the likelihood of inheriting an unknown injury and the potential of a workers comp claim.

Return to Work

  • Physical Therapist- designed programs to help expedite an employee's return to work following an illness or injury through a customized rehabilitation program specific to their job functions to reduce the expense of employee's missed time at work.

Stretching Programs

  • Physical Therapist-designed Stretching Program designed specifically for each work environment to improve productivity, reduce risk of injury and promote flexibility. We can design and implement a program specific to your organization.

Ergonomic Consultations

  • We help employers take a proactive approach to address modifiable risks to reduce the likelihood of injury. Some examples include workstation modification to improve worker comfort and reduce fatigue.

Preventative Injury Treatment

  • We can cost-effectively assess and address an employee's musculoskeletal issue before it impacts their ability to safely carry out their job requirements and becomes an expensive distraction to productivity and profitability.
Health Assessments and Testing

Health Assessments and Testing

Comprehensive Biometric Testing

Health Risk Assessment

  • A comprehensive health questionnaire that is used to illustrate a person’s level of healthy behaviors