TRS|Wellness is a multi-disciplinary team of Injury and Illness prevention specialists. Located in Central Arkansas, we strive to provide customizable evidence and value based services to address concerns companies may have regarding employee safety and/or health while at work. TRS approaches utilize interventions to Promote Health and Safety, Prevent Illness and Injury and optimize Performance of a Company’s Workforce; those approaches will specifically address:

  • high recordable/injury rates, 
  • management of work/non-workplace injuries, 
  • establishment of thorough return to work programs, 
  • excessive insurance claim rates, 
  • educational needs as well as employee training
  • high absenteeism or 
  • company morale

Some of the benefits of our Injury Prevention Programs and Illness Prevention Programs include:

Comprehensive Corporate Health Analysis

Aggregate Reporting to Management
We can stratify your organization’s health data to identify specific areas of risk to ensure the greatest impact of your wellness investment.

Proactive & Reactive Recommendations to Overcome Identified Health Risks and Exposure
Based upon your claims data, we can target specific areas to execute wellness interventions.

Health Claims Review and Strategy Generation
Following a thorough analysis of self-insured claims data, biometric test results, health risk assessment data and workers compensation claims, we will identify specific areas that have the greatest savings potential.

Culture of Wellbeing

Educational Programs
Interactive Presentations to educate participants on a variety of healthy behaviors.

Wellness Coaching
Increased accountability to bring out the best in your team. Specific emphasis includes:

  • Fitness
  • Stress
  • Tobacco
  • Nutritional
  • Diabetes

Wellness Challenges
Motivational challenges to increase overall wellness culture or specific health goals.

Teambuilding and Engagement Activities
Fun and engaging activities to build sense of team, improve communication and enhance co-worker trust and respect.