Dec 28 2018

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep More Than a Week!

As 2018 comes to a close, many of us will be setting New Year’s Resolutions. Setting lofty but achievable goals for the New Year can be tricky. You want to aim high enough, so you are able to really make a difference in your lifestyle and/or health, but you don’t want to aim too high and completely drop your resolutions by the second week of the New Year.

Whether this New Year has you feeling inspired or a little overwhelmed TRS Wellness has some New Year’s Resolutions you can make—and hopefully keep—in the New Year!

Get 30 minutes of exercise each day

If your schedule is busy, this can be as simple as taking three 10-minute walks. As long as you are walking fast enough to get your heart rate up in those 10 minutes, you are doing your body good.

Take the stairs

Even making small changes can really impact your overall heart health. “Individuals who are physically active are much less likely to develop cardiovascular disease” – John Hopkins cardiologist Chaidi E. Ndumele, M.D., M.H.S [1]

Commit to a 30-day fitness Challenge

A 30-day fitness challenge can be anything from taking regular walks, joining a fitness class, to working out in your own home. Whatever you decide to do, make yourself accountable and find an accountability partner.

Drink more water

Water is essential for your body to survive; however, most adults do not consume the proper amount of water each day. Choosing water can be easier if you set yourself up for success. Some common tips include carrying a water bottle at work or on errands, going with the more frugal and healthy choice of water when dining out, and adding a lemon wedge to improve the flavor. [2]

If you have set a resolution for the New Year, you are already ahead of the game. Those who make New Year’s resolutions have been shown to be 10 times more likely to make a positive change six months later than those who do not. [3] The key is to strike that healthy balance between achievable and challenging.

Happy New Year’s everyone!





Tara Willis

Health Coach & Client Coordinator