Jun 30 2015
The Surgeon General's office is responsible for providing the public with the most currect health information, and has released priorities that American's most urgently need to address. These priorities include tobacco- and drug-free living, mental and emotional well-being, healthy eating, and active living. 

These are the same priorities we have when developing wellness programs for our clients. Make sure you're addressing all of these, both in your personal life, and for your employees. 
Jun 12 2015

One of the main advantages to our unique approach to industrial wellness is that we are a therapy-driven team. There are other vendors that utilize rehabilitation clinicians, but they stifle their services into a very narrow representation of their expertise (such as only using them for pre-employment physicals).

Why would you want a physical therapist and/or certified athletic trainer on-site?
Jun 12 2015

The American Heart Association has released recommendations on workplace wellness programs. The major finding of their advisory panel is that although many employers offer wellness programs, the majority of them are not effective or comprehensive. The AHA states:

“A comprehensive workplace wellness program includes: health education; exercise areas; a supportive environment; integration into other organizational initiatives; employee health and safety programs; and wellness screenings.”
May 18 2015
We’ve spoken before of the improved productivity of healthy workers (as compared to their less healthy peers). But unlike the direct cost savings of preventing injuries and decreasing worker’s compensation claims, this topic can be a little more difficult to measure.
Nov 14 2014

Find Your Fit

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Want to find your “fit” of good health?
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